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kriya6.jpg (72267 bytes) 7 Chakras

newb_3.gif (16973 bytes)A Page Of Some Of The Gospel Of Peace Book 2 .

newb_3.gif (16973 bytes)Some stories of the Acts Of The Apostles- Excellent!
Go all the way down the page. There are lots of stories.

The Gospel Of Thomas, (Thomas meaning "Twin") found amid the Dead Sea Scrolls,
        is very enlightening. There are 2 versions on this page and Wisdom and Thomas at the end.

The Infancy Gospels Of Thomas- Stories Of Young Jesus

The Gospel Of James

The First Apocalypse of James

The Second Apocalypse of James

The Gospel Of Philip

Six Gnostic texts From Naj Hammadi

The Gospel Of  Mary

The Gospel Of Bartholomew

The Gospel Of The Lord- By Marcion

The Secret Gospel Of Mark

From Jesus To Christ

newb_3.gif (16973 bytes)The Book Of Enoch (Enoch1, Enoch2, Giants)

The Bible Gateway- Search the Bible all kinds of ways.

  Gospel Of Peace page from the  Dead Sea Scrolls regarding some words of Jesus while an Essene,  not published
in any books of the Bible.  These scrolls were translated by Dr.Edmund Szekely, who is also the founder of the International Biogenic Society.

Daily Essene Gospel Of Peace Communions
Some Excerpts From Beethoven's Missa Solemnis.

Learn from the Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit.

Some Stories From Kahil Gilbran (My Favorites).

If you would like some help with your Bible Study, go to the Bible Link  for help with phrases or passages. It is a truly valuable aid.

  I love the gentle teachings of this Vietmanese Buddhist Monk, Thich Nhat Hanh about how to remain mindful, and center your awareness in the present moment thru this simple breathing exercise. This is an excerpt from "Living Buddha, Living Christ".

The Works Of Confucius
This is an interpretation of the Tao Te Ching, a wonderful work by Lao Tzu.newb_3.gif (16973 bytes)

The full Text of the Koran (Quran) is available at this site.



Kriya yoga and genesis

If you are interested in learning the way to traverse the Holy Streams, in the ancient manner, the technique can be found at the ashram of  Kriya Yoga Guru Paramahamsa Hariharananda. The techinque allows you to realize the Divine Sound, Divine Vibration, and Divine Light within the body. I practice daily.

The Self-Realization Foundation created by Guru Paramahansa Yogananda has many links to the wonderful world of yoga.

Some interesting Mantras and Pictures

The Egyptian Book of The Dead (Nice Site)

A Nice Link To The Joseph Campbell Foundation (Follow Your Bliss)

A Wonderful Site To Explore Ancient World Cultures

Everything About Buddhism

Another Really Nice Site About Buddhism

Here are some wonderful songs to relax you while at work or home- enjoy...

Play Some Relaxing Music newage.mid

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Play Some Relaxing Music mellow.mid

Play Some Relaxing Music serenity.mid


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